2.5k HMI
2x Aputure Nova (Like Skypanel)
3x 2k Tungsten open blonde
2x Falcon Eyes 150w soft light 2x2
Falcon eyes 1x1 100w RGB soft light 2x1
2x 8x Astera ax1 tubes with case and accessories.
Aputure 120d MK ii 
2x Aputure 300d Mk II 
SL 60w Daylight light (Less powerful than 120d) 
3x Arri 650w fresnel light 
3x Arri 300w fresnel light 
2x Source 4 750w (25-50 degree lens)
3 Aputure bulbs
4x Aputure RGB (small) 
2x falconeyes rgb panel light (small) internal battery

Manfrotto Mega boom 
Double wind up
3x 10ft Scaff poles
8ft Scaff pole 
2 High roller with Jumbo knuckles 
2x Stage Combo Stands 
4x 3 Stage Combo stands 
Reflector  (big and small)
8x8 frame 
1/4 silk & half silk (8x8)
8x8 ultra bounce & blackout 
24 x 36" Foldable Flag Panel kit 
Aputure lantern 
Aputure Light Dome mk ii
Aputure spotlight mount with gobo 19 degree 
Godox 31inch softbox w grid
Fresnel x2
Fresnel normal
2x aputure barn doors 
Variety of gels
Unbleached muslin
Bleached muslin 
5x extension cords
Double wind up
4 light stands
10 C-Stands
238cm  Steel Tube Roller stand
2x Boom arm extension 
2x T bar
3 auto poles - 210-370
Stainless Steel Crossbar with 5x 5/8inch Sockets Five Socket Bracket
Haze machine
Smoke machine 900 watt
Various clamps and other small accessories.
2KW petrol generator 

Power / Distro
7x 190 V lock battery
2x 95 v lock battery
1x 130 v lock battery
2kw Generator 


3 black knuckles 
2x Long cardellini 
Small cardellini
2x Orange rachet strap
Black rachet strap 
3 2KW dimmers
2x Small safety chain 
Large safety chain
4 black used super clamps with spigots
3x silver avenger super clamp
2x kettle lead 

Sony a7iii x 2
Access to fs7 / Red Epic 8k for an additional fee

Sony 16-35mm f4
Tamron 28 - 75mm 2.8 FE
Samyang FE 35mm f1.4
Canon 70 - 200mm 2.8 mk ii
Canon 100mm 2.0
Canon 50mm 1.8
Metabones Adapter IV

2x Manfrotto Tripods 
Manfrotto Monopod
Konova 100cm slider w/Legs
Crane 3 - Gimbal 
4x Light stands
2x C-Stands 

3x small on camera LED lights
2x Big LED lights 
Aputure 120d mk ii w mini light dome
2x Aputure 120d mk ii lookalikes
Kino Flo 4ft Bank
Variety of gels, diffusers & modifiers

Mavic Air Plus Package (NOt CAA Certified)
H1 zoom
H4n Zoom
Tascam DR40
Rode Mic
3x lapel mics 
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